positive, negative, or not even related.

We've been on the Nystatin now for 9 days (and off the Diflucan) and Holden seems to be tolerating it well. I say "seems", because I really don't know.

He hasn't had any strange behavior, but he has been a little more whiney, a little more 'stimmy', loss of appetite, and this morning, he had a really dark runny poop. (yea, I know, TMI). These aren't really normal behaviors for him. But, I noticed a few days ago that he had a molar coming in. So, is this all from him cutting his tooth, or from the change over in meds?

We also just started the glutathione cream once a day 3 days ago. I don't know how long it takes to be absorbed into the bloodstream. So, it could be a positive thing. Could be signs of detox?

So, are these behaviors a positive response to the glutathione? A negative response to the change over in anti-fungal meds? Or, are they absolutely not related to any of his treatments and it's related to him cutting a molar?

So many questions with all of this. I've decided to ride it out for the weekend. See if his poop problems improve, or get worse, or stay the same. And, just watch his behavior in general. I'm assuming if the yeast is coming back from switching the meds, then the behaviors will increase. If it's detox, then maybe they'll decrease. Who knows. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. Obviously.

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