(appropriate) spontaneous language

I noticed today that Holden's saying more things without prompts. Some things he's saying now, spontaneously:

"pee pee in the potty"
"undies up!"
"pants up!"
"cards" (for language builder cards - loves these)
"tree" (while we were riding in the car and driving by trees)
"all done!"
"wash" (for washing his hands after potty)
"flush" (for the toilet, obviously)
"iggles" (wiggles)

He's labeling lots of things now, too. And taking objects and counting them (like he's doing now with GFCF pretzels). He's also copying Jackson alot. Jackson says "sissy, bubba, sissy, bubba". Holden looks at him and starts doing the same thing now. And sometimes, it's spontaneous and he just says it on his own.

Right now, he's outside sitting at a table, counting pretzels with his grandmother.

And his eye contact today? Insanely great!

OHHHH, and today, I took this picture of him. Playing with a firetruck - yes, appropriately. AND without prompting. He just went to it and started playing.

Today's a good day.

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