so i was able to spend a little time away this weekend. i went to see a movie and "chill" by myself. it was nice. i needed it. i feel better than i did when i posted the last post. we chelated on friday night. a combination of EDTA & DMSA (2 suppositories). he was able to tolerate the DMSA this time, so that's great. i know we get better pulls when we do the combo. i worried a little that we'd have to go back to only EDTA after the first 2 tries, but this time, it was fine. so, next weekend, we'll do the same. saturday was rough, as it always is the day after chelation. thankfully, that's the day i had some time for myself. it's hard to watch him when he's having a tough time. yesterday (sunday) was better. he was more aware, and more verbal - whereas on saturday, it was tough to get him to say the things he always says ... without prompting. and yesterday evening, we were back to the 6:30, 7pm bedtime, so that was nice.

we'll see what this week holds, but i'm optimistic once more.

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