regressions? transitions?

Holden went back to school on Monday after Spring Break and a visit with grandma. She was in town the whole week. He cried when I dropped him off on Monday, but was okay Tuesday and today. He STILL has not used the bathroom at school. He's holding it all day and going when he gets home. The kid must have a bladder of steel. I just wished he'd go...just once, so he could get some praise and reinforcement and know that it's "okay" to go there.

He's been coming home from school and stimming, pretty much constantly until dinner/bath/bed. He used to be out like a light by 6:30, 7:00pm. The past 2 nights, he's been up till 8, 8:45pm. He'll go to bed, but seems to lay there and stim for hours before he falls asleep.

I'm hoping this is all due to the transition of going back to school and that by tomorrow, or Friday, he will be back on track. I haven't done anything else differently, so its all I can come up with that may be causing his current issues. He's a little more withdrawn, spacey, and less verbal. He's not labeling his language builder cards as much, but merely stimming off of them - flipping through them over and over again.

Please God let this end soon! Here's to another ride on the rollercoaster that is autism...

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