one of those days. the ones i hate having.

So, I just sent this to a friend of mine. I'm posting it here, too, because I know there are other moms out there feeling the exact same thing. And somehow that makes me feel a teeny tiny bit better. Lucky friend, huh?!

I'm afraid I'm not much (good) company today. Today's one of "those" days. I'm questioning everything about Holden and his hopeful recovery. Are we doing enough? Should we have stayed with our doctor in Tampa? Even if we wanted to, we couldn't, because he doesn't file insurance so we couldn't afford $300 visits each month. They see patients all over the world, so being here isn't a problem. We could have phone appts. But, like I said - we can't afford them. Is there something I'm missing? A therapy? Supplement? Treatment? Did we make the right decision to leave Dr. Berger's practice? I mean, isn't it worth living out of a paperbag if we have to, to get him the best treatment possible? I feel like we're dragging along now...not making much progress at all. What am I doing wrong? Why isn't he making more progress with speech? Why is he up everynight this week til 9pm, stimming away in the bedroom until his little body gives up and finally goes to sleep because it has no choice?

I guess it's just been a tough week, transitioning back to school. I keep telling myself that it's because he just needs to get back into the "groove" and that he'll be fine and we'll continue on the road to recovery and making progress.

But he will be 4 in exactly 15 days and that scares me. I had hoped we would be so much further along when he turned 4. Two years ago, I looked at "4" and thought that he would definitely be able to understand it was his birthday by then, surely, right? And, he would be talking in sentences, and telling me he loves me, right? And he would be playing with his little brother by then, and enjoying others, right? At least a little. Those are the thoughts I had and none of them are coming true and it just really really sucks.

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