When I picked up Holden from school yesterday, I assumed I was right. The other shoe DID drop. They said he had a few tantrums, which isn't typical of him. He screamed when redirected and not allowed to line up a few toys. So, I was prepared when I got home, and sure enough...when I took away his language builder cards (because he wasn't looking at the pictures or labeling them, they were all over the floor) and offered him a book/magazine instead, he freaked. Screamed and started scooting around on the floor - which is what he does when he's mad, apparently. It lasted for a good 10 minutes or so, then he calmed down and ate dinner. He was in bed at the regular time, for him, around 7pm.

The one thing though that hasn't stopped is his spontaneous language. He had a few behavior issues yesterday - which like I said - is not normal for him. But, he maintained the "more verbal" part. When Jackson does something he's not supposed to do...Holden will now say "Jackson, No!". It's appropriate, and really is when Jackson's doing something he shouldn't be doing.

One thing I did notice yesterday. (Those of you who wish to NOT discuss poop should log off now). I could tell yesterday that he had to go poop. He will do a "poo dance", as I call it. I could tell he needed to go and he went to the bathroom a few times, but didn't go. This morning, he FINALLY went. And seemed a lot happier afterwards (aren't we all?!). So, makes me wonder if yesterday, he was in pain and just frustrated easily because of the discomfort? I've decided to monitor his progress a little more closely to see if after a few days of not going - what his behavior is like. Could be something. Could be nothing. As usual, you never know.

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