waiting for the other shoe to drop

We typically chelate on Friday nights. We're supposed to be using a combo of DMSA and EDTA (2 suppositories - 20-30 minutes apart), but lately, I've only been able to get 1 in and disolved well enough that I know his body has absorbed it. We're going to look into changing his chelation schedule when I see his doctor on the 16th. I'd like to begin chelating twice a week, instead of just once.

I've noticed the past 2 weeks (we've been chelating going on 4 weeks now), that when we do it on Friday ... his Saturday's aren't so great. He acts as though he doesn't feel well all day Saturday and is somewhat "out of it". I'm assuming his little body is just not feeling well, seeing as it's detoxing. BUT, then, by Sunday - the change is really just short of amazing. Sunday's he's happy, smiling, enteracting, great eye contact, etc. etc. etc. He tries to verbalize more, too. Sunday, we went kite flying and he absolutely loved it. There was a ravine close by in the field and he would go to the edge of it and when I called him, he would stop dead in his tracks - look at me - and come back. He never once tried to run away from me, and listened when I told him to "come here" every.single.time.

so happy!

he LOVED the ladybug we found.

When we got home, I told him, completely out of habit, to "take off your jacket". I turned and he immediately started to unzip his jacket and take it off. He typically doesn't follow simple commands like this, but Sunday - it was as if he understood everything I said and followed the directions I gave him. This week, the "good" has lasted up to now. Yesterday (Monday) morning, he went into the other room where Zoe was talking to me and said ... "Hi Wo-wie!", he can't quite say "Zoe" yet. Needless to say, Zoe was as surprised as I was. He's said that before, but only after prompting. This was full-on-spontaneous-language. Then this morning, while I was getting him dressed, he kept hugging me and laughing and playing and looking RIGHT at me for more than the typical 1.5 seconds or so. He was just so happy and animated. ANIMATED. My kid. The one with autism.

So, now, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I know that he will level off today or tomorrow, if history is a predictor of the future. Then we start all over on Friday with chelation and hopefully see the gains again by Sunday. I can't help but feel that if we could keep his body detoxing and get him "cleaned out" more than just once a week, we may be able to keep the "good" for longer than Mon-Tues or Wed. That's the goal of our doctor's appointment on the 16th - to figure out how to keep him on a high, most of the time.

Note: So far, yeast seems to be under control.

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