I've noticed over the past week that Holden's been playing more appropriately. He and Jackson have been running around the house, chasing each other. For ex, this morning while I'm running around like a crazy person, trying to get 3 kids dressed and 2 of them off to school...I look over and the boys are on the couch. Not sitting, but standing. So I tell Jackson to sit down and he does. Then Holden looks at him and smiles and sits. Then stands, looks at Jackson and Jackson grins and stands. Up and down and up and down. But, the point is that he was LOOKING at Jackson. Interacting with him. Yesterday after school, I noticed Holden chasing Bella (our dog) around and laughing. Then, Bella was on the couch next to me (wanting protection from me, obviously) and Holden grabbed her and tried to "hug" her. Course, Bella's afraid she'll get broken, so she got away from him. I think we need a dog that will play back! 2 nights ago, I put a blanket on the floor in our room, which is where Holden typically falls asleep at night, with one of the music channels on TV. Jackson was in there with him and the next thing I know, I hear Jackson crying. So, I go in to investigate and Holden's laying on top of him...smiling and laughing. Poor Jackson was crying! I realized that Holden was just playing with him. Dietrich lays across Holden sometimes because he loves deep pressure. I guess Holden thought Jackson should learn to love it too. Ha. I'm scared to be so optimistic, because I know there will be more regression. It comes with the journey. But right now, I'm just enjoying him being a little boy and playing with his brother! And laughing! Here's a video of some laughing and interacting:

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